We’re thankful for you.

Sierra Watch thanks our supporters far and wide for standing up for the Sierra Nevada.

This Thanksgiving, we have many things to be grateful for. Whether it is the picturesque mountain meadows of Martis Valley, the pristine landscape of a protected Royal Gorge, or the great skiing and culture of Squaw Valley, many of our reasons for being thankful can come from a sense of place.

At Sierra Watch, there is something we are even more thankful for, and that is the people who stand shoulder to shoulder with us in defense of our mountains.

For 16 years we have successfully defended many mountain places from the foothills to the high-Sierra, but we could never do it without the help of the many people who know and love the Sierra Nevada as much as we do. The Bear River, Donner Summit, Martis Valley, and Dyer Mountain would not be what they are today without you.

demonstrators for Keep Squaw True

Volunteers during the 2015 Winter demonstration.

In Squaw Valley, when proposed development threatens everything that makes the North Lake Tahoe/Truckee Region so special, there are many ways to count our blessings in the form of your support.

We are grateful for the over 8,000 individuals that have signed the petition to Keep Squaw True, an ever-growing list of people ready to take a stand in keeping Squaw Valley true to its culture, history, community and infrastructure. We are equally grateful to the volunteers who have joined us in reaching out.

sierra watch volunteer

Keep Squaw True volunteer with new petition signer

We are grateful for the 300 private citizens who joined regulatory agencies, neighboring jurisdictions, and conservation organizations in writing letters to Placer County during the public comment period on the Environmental Impact Report for the Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan.

backflip to keep squaw true

Backflipping for the movement!

We are grateful for the more than 60 local businesses in Tahoe City, Kings Beach, and Truckee, who joined in as well — signing a joint letter that recognized KSL Capital Partners’ development as a threat to not only their quality of life but, also, their economic viability.

local businesses that support keeping squaw true

Coalition of North Lake Tahoe / Truckee businesses Keeping Squaw True

We are grateful for the more than 200 citizen volunteers who turned out for every public hearing held by Placer County to make passionate and reasoned arguments against approval of KSL’s proposed development.

placer county meeting squaw village development

Supporters at the Placer County Planning Commission Meeting in Kings Beach, 2016

We are grateful for the many donors who have created the means for us to retain the best experts in the fields of planning, environmental analysis, and law in standing up for the communities of Lake Tahoe and Truckee.

highway patrol against squaw valley village development

We are grateful for the folks who represent Keep Squaw True on the ski slopes, in social media, on the back of their cars, or sporting our gear in public.

keep squaw true t-shirts

Representing the movement far and wide!

Lastly, we are grateful as a public interest to represent all of you in shaping a future for the Sierra Nevada that everyone, whether they are a local, second-homeowner, or first time visitor can be proud of. So stay tuned as we continue in Squaw Valley, Martis Valley, and beyond.

keep squaw true t-shirts

Thank you.