Keep Squaw True flashmob takes over KT-22 from KSL Capital Partners

KSL Capital Partners saw dollar signs and not mountains when they bought Squaw Valley, but their plan for acres of condo hotel highrises and a massive indoor waterpark can’t stop the North Lake Tahoe faithful from enjoying what’s already awesome about our mountain playground.

Squaw Valley might be closed for the summer but Sierra Watch is still working hard to shut down KSL and Placer County’s irresponsible and illegal development plan. We’ve filed a series of legal challenges and the Keep Squaw True movement is getting bigger by the day.

It’s days like this one that help keep the fire going when we’re chained to our desks shuffling papers or standing in the hot sun building the purple army.

The 2016-2017 season is over, but we’ll still be advocating for what’s right for this place we all love when the snow starts flying and the lifts start spinning for 2018.