Daniel Heagerty led technical and policy teams for water resource programs, river restoration, public trust resources and biodiversity conservation for over 35 years in the western U.S. His clients included tribes, utilities, industry and all levels of government. He served on state and regional boards and committees concerning water resources, ecosystems and land management. He served as Chairman of the Boards of The Nature Conservancy/Oregon Chapter; the Oregon Zoo; and the State of Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB). During his 7 years as chair/co-chair of OWEB he oversaw $50-60 million a year in funding for river and land conservation, water quality, and aquatic and upland habitat restoration. Since moving back to California he has directed strategy and policy efforts for an ecosystem market exchange and currently works on Public Trust water policy initiatives and legacy conservation efforts in the Sierras. His family built their cabin in Alpine Meadows in 1963. He lives in Mill Valley, CA.