5 Reasons Why Sierra Watch is a Great Investment in Sierra Conservation

1. Great Places

Our work is always about the land and its irreplaceable values – the sage meadows of Martis Valley, the sweeping views from Donner Summit, the soaring eagles of Dyer Mountain, the rocky ridges of the Granite Chief Wilderness, the blue waters of Tahoe.  We love these places as much as you do.  Sierra Watch provides targeted leadership to only a few select – and threatened – landscapes, the places that inspire us to do what it takes to protect them, now and forever.

2. Unique Role

Sierra Watch has pioneered a new approach to conservation – playing a singular, strategic role unlike any other organization.  Land trusts, for example, can help broker real estate deals and shepherd land into permanent protection; Sierra Watch keeps the land from being carved up in the first place – and generates resources to fund preservation.  The distinction might not be obvious, but it’s important: land trusts generally avoid controversy and cannot engage in a given area until the landowner self-identifies as a ‘willing seller’.  Sierra Watch, on the other hand, can stand up to irresponsible development proposals and advocate for a better outcome – just as we’ve done in Martis Valley, on Donner Summit, in Squaw Valley, and on Dyer Mountain.

3. Formula for Success

For more than fifteen years, we’ve been refining a proven formula for success: (1) identify and assess the threat; (2) craft the best strategy for lasting success; (3) engage the best expertise; (4) offer a values based vision; and (5) follow through with integrity and discipline.  Everyday, we apply our key strategies to protect the places we love.  And it’s working.

4. The Sierra Watch Team

Great people save great places, and Sierra Watch believes in finding and applying the experts our Sierra deserves.  We maintain a small staff of proven conservation leaders and engage outside specialists – planners, biologists, hydrologists, and lawyers – as needed.

5. Lasting Results

We’re committed to longstanding accomplishments, not short-lived victories.  So we avoid distractions and remain focused on the permanent protection of our favorite Sierra places.  Often that requires an ability to shift strategically from litigation and conflict to pursue negotiation and collaboration.  Clearly, it’s worth it.  To date, for example, our ability to resolve contentious development issues has resulted in permanent protection of more than 5,000 acres in Martis Valley and the entire Royal Gorge property on Donner Summit.  In the long run – to our grandchildren – nothing will matter more.

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